Badger Blackhammer (MIA)

Paladin with a Last Name


Dwarven Paladin (Vengeance).

Badger Likes acquiring knowledge and keeping it to himself.


Badger belongs to the order of Blackhand, who had a well-known Paladin, Colpitts, who fell under the influence of a possessed bastard sword. This ultimately ended up with the Colpitts turning on his fellow party members, of which only one person survived to tell the tale. The order, as penance, has forever renounced the use of any edged weapons.

The evil that possessed the sword and Colpitts appears to have found its way into the Blackhand leadership. This resulted in the civil war and order branded the losers as heretics and exiled the ones still alive. Bagger was on the losing side and as such ended up living a life of seclusion and contemplation.

Badger believes that with meditation he can uncover the true cosmic plan and find a way to avenge the true members of the order.

Badger Blackhammer (MIA)

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