New World, Old World

Six strangers awake on a strange forest road engulfed in a dense, impenetrable fog. None of them recognize their surroundings, nor have any notion how they may have arrived. The forest around them is ancient and dark and the world seems drained of colour. They spend a few moments awkwardly introducing themselves. [Egon] throws a javelin into the mist; it never makes a sound. That seems like a good reason to start moving. 

They hear the sound of a horse ahead. The animal sounds wounded, it's footfalls uneven and arythmic. They catch up to the horse and rider to discover both long, long dead. The rider does not follow the curves of the road and instead silently vanishes into the fog. 

They continue, following the road to a huge stone wall and a rusted iron gate. Each side of the gate is flanked by an enormous stone statue of a warrior. A raven roosted on a statue watches them approach with great curiosity and unusual intelligence. One of the group finds a nearby feather and shows it to the bird. Upon approaching the gate it wearily creaks open for them to pass. Wren explores the wall for any signs of machinery or magic, but instead finds a long dead corpse bearing a small black leather book. Leafing through the pages he watches the words simply vanish, eventually leaving the entire volume blank. He pockets the book. 

As the last of the group passes through the gate it shuts behind them. They find themselves in a wide clearing on the edge of a dreary town. They approach the silent village cautiously, eventually discovering two children weeping in front of a townhouse. The children explain there is a monster in the basement of their house. Their parents are inside, and so is their baby brother. They beg the party for help… 



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