On the Road Again

The battle continues. Herman charges Strahd, eager to fight someone his own size., so Strahd transforms into a humoungus undead lizard monster and eats Herman. Werewolf Mira joins the vampires in attacking Izek. Karl knows a loss when he sees one and dashes toward the house. He sees the teenaged son of the Burgomeister trying and failing to cast spells from the attic and threatens his way in. Ireena decides to surrender to end the carnage. Galen and Trinn struggle to stop her.

Ravens suddenly dive-bomb into Strahds lizards eyes. more ravens arrive, and transform into men with spears. Strahd tosses Herman aside and tears through his new enemies. The wolves beset the were ravens as Izek falls in a pool of gore.

Briza, meanwhile, is on the move: he has reclaimed all of their belongings and their horse and throne. He sees Ricatvios destroyed wagon, former home of the tiger, and the sledgehammers of the Watchter boys nearby.

Ireena struggles to surrender against Trinn and Galen, and in the process she is accidentally injured. Furious, Strahd charges the mansion, blowing the face of the house off. He assumes his Vampire form on the threshold and emands Ireena to his side. Trinn holds her tight. he asks for an invitation inside and demands someone show fealty to their king. When no one responds, he simply walks inside: it had been a ruse all along that he required an invitation. Before he can kill everyone Karl enters and zaps Trinn, causing her to release Ireena. Ireena agrees to go with Strahd, but first removes the wedding dress she is wearing as a statement.

The party can do nothing but watch as Strahd leads Ireena awat. A familiar black carriage driven by Rahadin makes its way toward the house. Ireena screams in horror as she spies Izeks battered and mutilated body. Strahd calls the vampires off and restores the moon, making Mira human again. Finally he and Ireena board the carriage and are away.

Trinn saves Izek life, and Karl kills the Burgomeister for this nightmare of an evening.

They return to the Blue Water and Briza and Urwin, who explains that the ravens are his kinfolk: a flock were-ravens called the Keepers of the Feather. Like the villagers of Barovia, the ravens commit to help party in their battle against Strahd. Urwin pleads for them to head to the winery to speak to his estranged father to reunite the Keepers and get the wine flowing. Finally he gifts them with a wondrous artifact, a bag that can summon animal companions to help them on their way.

The next morning the party make their way out of what’s left of Valaki, heading toward the safety of Kresk and the winery not far from it. Along the way, they are attacked by a mad druid travelling with packs of needle blights, and in the fight Mira breaks her bow. It’s really not been her day. The druid escapes despite Herman’s craziest efforts.

Arriving at a fork in the road the party follow a path that ends in a mansion. The once-glorious building has fallen to ruin. A huge statue of a dragon dominates the courtyard. The party enter a den from the main hall. A spark escapes the fireplace and grows into a dragon/ The dragon is shot and explodes, wounding those in the room.

A secret door in the den reveals a store room and a man hiding. He claims he is in search of a Vistani girl, missing from their camp, but was wounded and has been hiding here to recuperate. The party tell him Arabelle has been brought home safe and heal him. He is relieved and thankful, and shares a bit of information about this house called Argynvostholt…



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